How to survive the Gulag in Call of Duty Warzone Season 1

Nicholas Sakadelis

Black Ops Cold War’s Warzone introduces two new Gulags in Season 1. Here are the best ways to survive and return to the fight.

When season 1 of Black Ops Cold War drops, Warzone will get new weapons, operators, the Rebirth Island Map, and a Gulag revamps for Verdansk.

The two new Gulag areas offer different combat scenarios across both Warzone maps. Here are some tips to help you win your fights and get back into the game.

Rebirth Island Gulag

The Rebirth Island Gulag takes place under the main prison block in a square arena. Each player will spawn in a hallway, with 2 main engagement tactics.

First is the “rush heavy” tactic. When spawned in, you’ll have the option to either run straight into the arena in the center or run into the enemy spawn down the opposite hallway. If you decide to push the enemy spawn, you’ll have to go through a metal detector that will give away your position when you cross. (You can also use this as bait).

The second is the “passive” tactic. Just go straight for the main battle arena. If your opponent rushes your spawn, you’ll hear the metal detector for an early warning, or you’ll meet up in the middle.

If your opponent is playing back for too long, a flag will spawn for you to capture, which will automatically win you the showdown and get you back into the action.

Revamped Verdansk Gulag

Verdansk’s Gulag showers have been replaced with a makeshift Nuketown. The houses are closed off, and so are the backyards.

The main battleground will be in the center of the map around the trucks, with the option to hop on the awning outside of the buildings for a nice view of the battleground.

Be sure to play your angles smart here and utilize the awning sightline for intel on your opponent. Be sure to watch out for the rocks raining from players spectating above.

Survival Tips

  • Sound Is Key – Listen for your opponent whenever you can. Footsteps and the metal detector are dead giveaways.
  • Gunfight Rules – In the gulag, you spawn in with random weapons. Get an idea of what you’re facing, and don’t let yourself get caught off guard.
  • Remember the Meta – Weapons in the Gulag change every season with different combinations of weapon classes. Try to remember all weapons you can spawn in with to be ready for any fight.
  • Equipment – You’re not guaranteed equipment. If you get a lethal or tactical, not using it is a giant waste of utility. Think an opponent is behind a wall? Use a stun to check. Don’t save it. If you wait too long, you might be too dead to use it.
  • Big Brain Plays – If you’re not feeling particularly good with the weapon you have, don’t blindly run into the fight. Play your life out.

That’s it for now. To get a full debrief of Season 1 for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, read here.

Photo Credits: Activision