How to survive Semtex sticks in Warzone

Mara using Riot Shield in Warzone

Getting stuck by a Semtex should be an immediate death in Call of Duty: Warzone, but there’s a simple trick that allows stuck players to completely avoid taking damage.

Lethal Equipment is extremely important in winning a game of Warzone, and the Semtex has always been the most popular explosive. This timed grenade will stick to any surface but is especially lethal after directly sticking to an enemy.

However, there’s a “secret technique” that allows Warzone players to not only survive but completely avoid taking damage after getting stuck by a Semtex.

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Semtex grenade in call of duty warzone

Secret trick to counter Semtex sticks in Warzone

Riot Shields have long been one of the most powerful tools in Warzone, boasting one of the highest win rates in the game. Experienced players know that a Riot Shield can be quickly dealt with through a well-placed Semtex but thanks to Reddit user LordTexugo, there’s a secret yet incredibly simple move you can pull to survive getting stuck by a Semtex.

All Warzone players need to do to survive a Semtex stick is drop their Riot Shield or Combat Shield. On a controller, this can be done by bringing up the inventory and pressing the Triangle/Y button over the Riot Shield, while mouse and keyboard players can bind it to any key they like.

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This will make your Operator will throw their Riot Shield away with the Semtex still attached, allowing you to quickly pick the shield back up and block the explosion to avoid taking any damage.

LordTexugo’s June 11 post shows how they deploy this method to survive Semtex sticks time and time again, catching the enemy completely off-guard.

They confirmed that it doesn’t work with Thermites, though. The fire will carry on burning your player model even after the Riot Shield has been dropped but you can actually use a Trophy System to quickly put out the flames.

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Image Credit: Activision