How to summon a Zombie on Fortune’s Keep with new Warzone easter egg

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zombie in Warzone Fortune's Keep map

The new Fortune’s Keep map in Warzone Pacific Season 4 features a hidden Zombies easter egg, and we’ll go over how you can use it to summon a Zombie and get free loot.

Warzone Pacific Season 4 has finally arrived, bringing many changes to the popular Call of Duty title, and the most notable new addition is the Fortune’s Keep map which features plenty of fun content.

The developers have hidden a surprise for players to search for, and finding this easter egg will allow you to summon a Zombie on Fortune’s Keep. We’ll go over where you need to look on the island.

Fortune's Keep Warzone

How to summon a Zombie on Fortune’s Keep in Warzone

In order to find this Warzone Pacific Season 4 easter egg, you’ll need to make your way towards the Graveyard POI on Fortune’s Keep and light 3 candles that can be found around the area.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Head to the Graveyard POI
  2. Find and light three candles at the POI
  3. Head towards the tombstone that has yellow flowers in front of it
  4. Stand in front of the smaller gravestone to the left
  5. Press the prompted button or key to pay respects

If you followed these steps correctly, you’ll hear sinister laughter and Zombie will begin to climb out of the grave. Then you can choose to either kill it right away or lure it to other POIs on the map.

Leading this undead creature to enemies will cause it to attack them, giving you an advantage in battle. Alternatively, you can simply kill it and collect the loot, cash, and other items that the Zombie will drop.

Warzone players have also discovered other fun tricks on Fortune’s Keep, and another easter egg allows you to drop money into the Fountain in exchange for loot. Be sure to explore the island and see what other mysteries might be hidden on it.

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