How to set your perfect Warzone ADS sensitivity

Matt Porter
Warzone sniper aiming down sights

Hitting your shots is vital in Warzone, and is often the difference between glorious victory and devastating defeat. If you’re struggling to aim when looking down sights, this handy trick will make it much easier to eliminate enemies.

Warzone has over 100 hundred weapons for players to choose from, with guns from Modern Warfare, Cold War, and Vanguard. Picking the perfect weapon is only half the battle though, as you then need to land in Caldera or Rebirth Island and start finding kills.

If you can’t successfully hit your shots, it won’t matter how powerful your loadout is. For many, this is the biggest obstacle they face when they jump into Warzone.

Thankfully, a setting in the game allows players to adjust their ADS sensitivity to make aiming down sights much easier.

warzone operator aiming weapon

By separating ADS sensitivity away from your regular sensitivity, you can make sure you’re able to make the tiny adjustments you need when looking through your scope, without compromising your ability to move.

Reddit user Cynical_Satire explained that many players don’t understand what this setting actually does. Your ADS sensitivity multiplies your regular sensitivity, so if you normally play at 5/5, and set your multiplier to .85, your ADS sensitivity will be 4.25/4.25.

There’s no perfect setting for this, as everyone will want different things, but jumping into games and testing it out will let you find your ideal ADS sensitivity without compromising elsewhere. Just remember this formula: Regular Sensitivity x ADS Multiplier = ADS Sensitivity.

Of course, simply changing your ADS sensitivity won’t suddenly turn you into a Warzone god, but it should help you find kills if you’ve been struggling, especially with scopes that zoom in.

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Image Credit: Raven Software