How to quickly level up Black Ops Cold War guns for Warzone

Liam Mackay

All weapons from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War have now been added to Warzone, so here are the fastest ways to level up your guns and have them battle royale ready.

Warzone is unique for allowing you to bring a custom-built weapon into matches with you. However, with no new weapons being added to the game for months, the loot pool became a bit stale.

Now, all of the weapons from Black Ops Cold War have been added to Warzone in Season 1, which has already reinvigorated the game. The M16 and Season 1’s MAC-10 SMG have already been dominating Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

If you haven’t been grinding Cold War’s multiplayer, you’ll find the new guns won’t have any attachments unlocked. If you’re looking to upgrade the new weapons to use in Warzone, follow these tips and tricks.

How to level up weapons in Warzone

If you haven’t bought Black Ops Cold War, you will begin unlocking the new weapons as you level up in Season 1. Taking a weapon with no attachments into regular Warzone will put you at a major disadvantage, so you should give Plunder a shot.

Warzone x Black Ops Cold War gameplay

Plunder is a more casual experience than regular BR, and you don’t have to waste time trying to get a loadout drop. You begin the game with your loadout and can keep respawning without losing your guns. So drive around, complete contracts, and get kills if you’re a Warzone-only player.

Play Fireteam Dirty Bomb

Fireteam Dirty Bomb gives you a ton of weapon XP. In this mode, several teams battle it out on a large map to arm and detonate bombs. You take a loadout in with you, and if you die you will redeploy so you can dive straight back into the action.

There are plenty of opportunities to get eliminations, so by getting kills and playing the objective, you will find your weapons leveling up much faster than regular multiplayer.

Play Nuketown

Nuketown is undoubtedly the best multiplayer map for ranking up weapons. This fast-paced, small map will allow you to get the most kills out of any multiplayer map in Black Ops Cold War. The constant, chaotic action makes taking advantage of Nuketown 24/7 playlists a no-brainer.

Black Ops Cold War's Nuketown

No matter what gun you’re using, you can make it work on Nuketown. Hang back with LMGs and Snipers, hold down mid with an AR, or rush the enemies’ spawn with an SMG and you’ll find weapons leveling up in no time.

Kills provide the most XP

This tip might sound obvious, but playing the objective doesn’t reward you much score Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer. If your main goal is to rank up guns, focus on getting kills and racking up killstreaks.

Jumping onto each Hardpoint hill or Domination flag will, unfortunately, be a waste of time when leveling up weapons. Don’t let your team down though; you can still help while going for kills by holding down important routes and clearing objectives.

Some further tricks to level up guns

PlayStation exclusive benefits for Black Ops Cold War

There are a couple more tricks you can use to level up weapons fast in Black Ops Cold War. If you are a PlayStation player, you receive a 25% weapon XP bonus when partied up with another PlayStation player. So if you’re specifically out to level up your weapons, try to party up.

Also, if you have bought Season 1’s Battle Pass, you will earn Double Weapon XP Tokens as you progress. Be careful though, the Tokens count down even when you’re in the menu, so make sure you’re getting the most out of them.

Take Black Ops Cold War’s weapons into Warzone with you, and you might find your new favorite loadout.

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