How to play Warzone Pacific Caldera map early

Plane flying in Warzone pacific caldera map

Warzone will integrate with Call of Duty: Vanguard in December, bringing the brand-new Pacific Caldera map with it. Here’s how you can play on Caldera a day early.

Warzone will be getting its biggest update ever in December, fully integrating with Vanguard. This will bring the new RICOCHET anti-cheat, almost 40 new weapons, and of course, the brand-new Caldera map.

This map set in the Pacific arrives with Vanguard and Warzone Season 1, but there’s a way you can play Caldera a day early – and here’s how.

How to play Warzone Pacific Caldera map early

Price, Kingsley and woods in Warzone pacific caldera map

Activision confirmed that Warzone players who own Vanguard will get to play Caldera on December 8, a full 24 hours before everyone else. Those who don’t own Vanguard will have to wait until open access on December 9.

December 8 marks the first day of Vanguard Season 1 when all of its WW2 content is added to Warzone. Verdansk will be gone forever, and Caldera will now be the main Warzone experience.

But Rebirth Island will still remain, and those who don’t own Vanguard will get to play it on December 8, so they’ll still have something to play on integration day.

There’s no confirmation whether Rebirth will get any WW2 updates for the integration, but we’ll likely find out on December 8.

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Caldera Warzone Pacific map

Caldera brings plenty of new content to the game, including the Vanguard Royale mode. This will only use Vanguard weapons for a more WW2-focused experience, and players can fly in planes for dogfights, which is sure to be game-changing addition.

When Verdansk ’84 arrived for Warzone and Cold War Season 3, there were some quite severe server issues after the Nuke event that stopped many from playing on launch day. Hopefully, allowing access to Caldera in two stages will allow the servers to handle the influx of players.

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Image Credit: Activision