How to play Warzone Operation Last Call mode: Search & Destroy-inspired LTM

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Warzone Season 5 Last Call LTM

Players will have a new Warzone LTM to test out in Season 5 that’s inspired by the classic Search & Destroy multiplayer mode. Here’s a guide on how to play the Operation Last Call LTM.

Raven Software decided to pull out all the stops for Warzone Season 5 given that it will be the final season of the iconic battle royale. Alongside new weapons and classic villains returning to Warzone, players will also get to discover some new modes.

One of these new modes is the Operation Last Call LTM, and fans of Call of Duty multiplayer will be pleased to discover that it’s inspired by the fan-favorite Search & Destroy mode.

We’ve compiled everything you need to know about Warzone’s Last Call LTM, including how to play and what to expect.

Warzone Season 5 Peak POI changes

Warzone Operation: Last Call LTM explained

This LTM has a similar ruleset to Resurgence, as it divides a maximum number of 80 players into 20 teams of four. What makes Operation: Last Call unique is that players get to decide how they want to play.

With the theme of Warzone Season 5 being Heroes vs Villains, the Last Call LTM will have players decide which side they’d like to support. Bomb sites will pop up across Caldera and players can either defuse or choose to detonate the bombs.

Villains will have to deliver the bombs to assigned bomb sites and trigger the 60-second countdown. Meanwhile, the Heroes have to get to these sites and defuse the bomb before the timer hits zero. Using Defuse Kits will give them more time to stop the bomb from going off.

Defuse Kits can be found as ground loot after completing Contracts and purchased from certain Buy Stations. Detonating or defusing bombs will cause more to appear across the map, and the first squad to either plant or defuse 10 bombs will be victorious.

Warzone Season 5’s transformed Peak will take center stage and that remains true during Operation Last Call. Not only will lava run down the mountainside, but will also “shoot out over the island” during the Lava Rock public event.

Players will have to be mindful of lava rocks crashing down on them from up above. Neither heroes nor villains are safe from the chaos of the lava rocks. A Volcano Meter will appear on your screen indicating the volcano’s current activity.

Of course, this LTM will tie into the Heroes vs. Villains Community Event as defusing or detonating bombs will grant you Hero or Villan tokens. So, don’t forget to choose your side and earn rewards for participating.

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