How many people play Warzone? 2022 player count

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The Call of Duty battle royale, known as Warzone, is one of the most popular video games globally, and this fact often has members of the community pondering one simple question. How many people play Warzone?

Warzone has seen an enormous amount of success following its release in 2020, and it continues to be one of the most popular multiplayer games in 2022, with a sequel confirmed to be in the works.

Combing the battle royale craze of the past few years with the fan-favorite action of the iconic Call of Duty franchise has proved to be a winning formula that has resulted in impressive numbers regarding how many people play Warzone.

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How many people play Warzone?

While Warzone doesn’t have an in-game display for the total player count, Activision have revealed that the game is so successful that it has had over 125 million players since it first launched.

This is likely helped a great deal by its free-to-play nature, which opens up the barrier to entry by a large margin where fewer players might have joined if they had to pay to download the game.

It’s worth keeping in mind that while this figure is impressive, it actually refers to the total number of players over the past couple of years and does not represent Warzone’s current active base.

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While it’s impossible to tell exactly how many players are currently playing the game, it’s hard to deny that Warzone has been extremely successful, with a large number of players having checked it out since launch.

Considering that the game is set to receive more seasonal updates which deliver fun content such as new maps, the player base for Warzone is not likely to go down by a noticeable amount any time soon.

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