Hilarious clip shows how dangerous loadout drops can be in Warzone Season 3

Nicholas Barth

Loadout drops are beneficial tools in the world of Call of Duty: Warzone. However, a recent clip shows off a hilarious moment where a loadout drop became an enemy of a player.

Warzone brought many innovations to the battle royale genre, including the loadout drop feature, allowing players to use a pre-determined customized weapons class.

These loadout drops will fly into the map at various locations during parts of a match and can also be bought by players whenever they have $10,000 on hand.

However, the delivery method of these loadout drops recently resulted in a hilarious clip of a player waiting for theirs to arrive on Verdansk ’84.

Community member wrighty435 posted a clip to the official Warzone subreddit with the title of “PSA – Planes in 1984 aren’t safe Video” This title hints at the comedic moment that ensues in the clip that has since been upvoted a total of 4,800 times on the Call of Duty: Warzone subreddit.

The player in the clip can be seen taking cover in one of the planes found on the airstrip at the airport point of interest on Verdansk ’84. They throw the loadout drop inside of the plane and wait for it to land on top of the plane where they will be able to access it and grab their customized class through the roof of the plane.

Unfortunately for wrighty435, this particular loadout drop had other plans, as it came crashing down through the roof of the plane and crushed them to what was likely a very unexpected elimination from the match.

This video was met with multiple instances of the same advice from community members that focused on one simple fact. Make sure to not stand right on or near your loadout drop marker, as you will run the risk of being flattened by your loadout drop if you do, even if you are inside of a plane.

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Image Credits: Activision

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