Genius Warzone play reveals Caldera’s best escape artist

Luca Di Marzo
Warzone genius play chopper Caldera PDS

A Warzone player utilized all the tools at their disposal to pull off one of the greatest escapes Caldera has ever seen.

It could be difficult to think straight when facing a squad of enemy players in Warzone, but some are at their best with their backs against the wall. In this situation, one Season 4 Reloaded player managed to pull off an escape that would have the Ocean’s Eleven team impressed.

Thanks to a Portable Decontamination Station and a well-placed helicopter this Warzone player successfully left his enemies in the dust.

warzone player using pds device in gas

Portable Decontamination Stations were added to Warzone Pacific as a Field Upgrade in Season 2. These stations allow players to create a temporary barrier from gas damage that protects anyone inside the Field Upgrades radius.

From the get-go, players understood that this Field Upgrade provided new and unique ways to finesse your way around Caldera and Rebirth Island. We’ve seen players use it to bide their time in the gas, but one player brought out its full potential by placing it on a helicopter.

The Warzone subreddit enjoys clever plays and this one might just take the cake as a player reverses an awful situation into an advantage.

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At the start of the clip, the player is weak and looking for a means to escape. In addition, the gas closes in which leads to even greater damage. After struggling up the ladder they find their way to a helicopter where they have the genius idea to place the PDS on the vehicle.

The combination of PDS and helicopter allows them to escape the gas that would have otherwise killed the player and their teammate. Both miraculously escape the tricky situation and continue their mission of scoring a victory.

One comment pointed out just how narrow of an escape they made as the helicopter continued to take damage from the gas: “How does the helicopter still take damage, even with the PDS? Well played, also!”

It’s clear that most players tip their hats to the OP as they had not seen the PDS used as such an efficient means of escape: “Wow. I didn’t think that would have worked. Nice.”

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Image Credit: Activision

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