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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone player finds game-changing use for PDS Field Upgrade with incredible gas play

A Warzone player has found a game-changing use for Season 2’s PDS Field Upgrade, using it for an incredible gas play.



warzone player using pds device in gas

Warzone’s Portable Decontamination Station is a powerful tool, and a Warzone player has found a game-changing trick that will allow you to make incredible gas plays.

Warzone’s ever-closing circle of gas is extremely deadly, but there are plenty of tools you can use to survive in the gas for a short amount of time. Using all of these tools, such as gas masks, Stims, and the new Portable Decontamination Stations, allows you to survive in the gas for an incredible amount of time.

A Warzone player has just taken gas plays to the next level, making an incredible gas play by finding a genius new use for the PDS.

PDS device in Warzone Pacific Season 2

Reddit user ‘TeeshTV’ put Warzone’s Portable Decontamination Station to full use, revealing that “The PDS on top of a vehicle is OP.”

Similar to a Trophy System, the PDS device will actually stick to the roof of cars allowing you to drive through the gas without taking any damage at all. After throwing the PDS onto the car, TeeshTV drove right around the circle in the final gas and pulled off a nifty flank on unsuspecting foes, winning the game.

Players were extremely impressed with the play, with ‘PedalAndWheel’ saying: “High IQ play, I tip my hat.” They were also keen to experiment with the opportunities that this new discovery opens up.

“Imagine how long you could be in the gas with a full squad of people carrying a PDS, gas mask, stims, self revive, and munitions box,” said ‘Qu1k556.’ “I want to toss a PDS into the back of a chopper like a trophy and do this,” said another.

We imagine you’ll see plenty more vehicles driving through the gas now that more and more players are learning about the clever trick. Plus, you’ll be almost invincible while in a vehicle since a secret buff has made C4s useless and vehicles almost impossible to destroy.

Image Credit: Activision