Game-breaking Warzone weapon glitch is literally blinding players

Warzone Sniper Rifle

Warzone Pacific Caldera players have reported that weapons are disappearing behind a bizarre glitch that causes a blinding white glow of light to appear on their screens.

There have been quite a few frustrating glitches in Warzone Pacific Season 1, with each one having a different effect on the game, such as broken audio and players firing continuously without reloading.

Some of these have a greater impact on your gameplay than others, and players are now reporting a game-breaking glitch that hides weapons behind an extremely glaring white glowing light.

MP40 in Warzone

Reddit user ‘aryan_s6’ highlighted this glitch in a clip posted to the CoD: Warzone subreddit. It shows them approaching an MP40 which becomes hidden behind a bright glow as they get closer.

The only thing visible within the light was the weapon’s HUD description. Many of the commenters joked about the glitch, with one user sarcastically calling the weapon “God’s MP40.”

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Another commenter shared their own experience with this bizarre glitch: “Happened in security area for me, reflection from the corner of one of the buildings. No idea other than it’s just a glitch.”

How to fix Warzone’s blinding weapon glitch

One of the commenters suggested a way to get around this glitch: “I had this on PC too, thought my GPU was melting. Rebooted the game and it went away.” Another user suggested rolling back your NVIDIA graphics drivers.

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At the time of writing, the developers have yet to respond to this game-breaking glitch. However, visiting the official Warzone Trello Board shows that they’re investigating “visual inconsistencies with Weapon and/or Operator models.”

Hopefully, this means that Raven Software will implement a fix for the bug before the arrival of Warzone Pacific Season 2. We’ll be sure to update you as soon as the developers patch up this issue.

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Image Credit: Activision