Game-breaking Warzone Iron Trials glitch lets Marksman Rifles one-shot players

Luca Di Marzo
Iron Trials Rebirth Island

Rebirth Island Iron Trials made its way to Warzone on March 3 but it seems like the new playlist is being ruined by a glitch that is letting Marksman Rifles one-shot players.

Warzone players were delighted to hear that Iron Trials would make a return to the battle royale, this time taking place on Rebirth Island. However, the playlist has not gotten off to a smooth start as a significant new glitch is ruining the fun.

Don’t be surprised to see Rebirth Island infested with players utilizing Vanguard Marksman Rifles as the detrimental glitch is allowing these particular weapons to one-shot players.

Vanguard Marksman Rifles

The SVT-40, M1 Garand, and G-43 are about to be the most used weapons in Iron Trials, at least until Raven Software delivers a fix for the glitch. Essentially, the glitch makes Warzone view Marksman Rifles as Sniper Rifles which allows for one-shot headshots.

This absurd glitch is made worse by the fact that some Marksman Rifles have automatic barrels, like the G-43, making it incredibly overpowered. It isn’t difficult to hit a shot to the head with an automatic weapon which makes the glitch a massive issue.

Unfortunately, this issue completely defies what Iron Trials gameplay is supposed to feel like with its iconic slow TTK. The Rebirth Island map is naturally chaotic and the glitch will likely add to that chaos making the game unplayable for some.

Excitement has swiftly turned into disappointment for fans of the playlist but with a little patience, Raven should roll out an update that resolves the issue. We’ll let you know as soon as the glitch is removed from Rebirth Island Iron Trials.

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Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software

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