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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone players ask Raven for simple QOL change to make playing with friends easier

Warzone players are calling on devs Raven Software to add a simple quality of life change that would make teamwork much easier.



Warzone players fighting in a squad

Warzone Season 2 introduced a ton of highly-requested quality of life updates, but players are looking for devs Raven Software to introduce a simple, but useful, change to make teamwork easier.

Although Raven Software introduced 30 quality of life changes with Season 2 and promised more for the mid-Season 2 update, Warzone players are always looking for more. Knowing who is who is extremely important when playing as a team, and players are calling on Raven Software to add a simple quality of life change to make teamplay ease

Each player is assigned a different color and their minimap arrow and pings will also appear as that color. It’s useful for knowing who is who, but players are looking for more consistency, with the colors remaining the same each round.

Warzone player colors

It seems that Warzone’s player colors are based on which player loads in first, but Reddit user ‘Sunny16’ asked: “Raven, can you make our name colors persist throughout a session?”

“When I play with friends, it would make life easier if we kept our colors throughout our session,” they explained. “So, for example, if every time I ping something, my friends know it’s the Purple ping.”

They also asked Raven to allow players to speak over game chat when loading in, and have “individual volume controls on party members.”

Sunny16 clearly wasn’t alone in their wishes, with ‘tmac416’ saying “yes to everything please.” ‘moonheron’ said, “These are the QoL features that make a good game great.”

Some players suggested that the party leader should be able to assign each player a color in the lobby, but Sunny said they’d settle for being able to see the colors in the menu screen before loading in “to reinforce which player is which color. “

While it’s entirely possible that Raven Software add this feature in a future update, most players would probably rather they fix the “broken” ping system – although it hasn’t been acknowledged on their Trello board yet.

Image Credit: Activision / JGOD