Fighter Planes return to Warzone following Season 4 update

Joseph Pascoulis
Warzone Pacific fighter planes

After a long absence, the devs have confirmed that Fighter Planes are officially returning to Warzone in the Season 4 update.

Warzone Pacific Season 4 is bringing a variety of content to the game, including the brand-new map Fortune’s Keep and new weapons like the Marco SMG and UGM LMG.

As well as new content, the devs are also bringing buffs and nerfs to existing content, as well as major changes to Perks. There is also returning content that hasn’t been seen in quite a while, which is the Fighter Planes from Vanguard Royale.

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warzone pacific fighter plane

Originally, these Fighter Planes were removed from Warzone once the devs realized their were extremely overpowered, as players began using them to terrorize lobbies and get an insane amount of kills.

On March 4, Raven Software officially removed them from the game, but it seems Season 4 will bring their return.

When these planes were first in the game, they were exclusive to the Vanguard Royale mode. However, with their return in the Season 4 update, the Fighter Planes are now available across all battle royale playlists for Caldera.

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warzone pacific fighter plane

It’s unclear currently how these Fighter Planes have been tweaked, but players will probably still have to watch out for fire from above.

Raven will monitor these Fighter Jets and how they impact games, as if they cause issues or aren’t balanced correctly, they could cause frustration among the community. In the blog, the devs state that they will “continue to monitor sentiment and engagement over the season.”

We’ll have to wait and see how these updated Fighter Jets perform in Warzone Season 4, but for now, check out the Fortune’s Keep map size compared to Rebirth Island.

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Image Credits: Activision

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