FaZe Swagg shows off AK-74u loadout after claiming Warzone devs “broke” it

Liam Mackay
Swagg AK-74u

Following changes to the AK-74u, FaZe star Kris “Swagg” Lamberson claims that the developers “broke” the weapon and showed off his powerful new loadout.

Warzone’s developers, Raven Software, have been busy making impactful weapon balance tweaks with every update, and in Season 3, that’s really allowed some previously under-utilized weapons to shine. The Krig 6 and FARA 83 were almost never used but quickly climbed the ranks to be some of the best Assault Rifles in the game.

Cold War’s SMGs have also received a significant buff, with Season 3 Reloaded adjusting the AK-74u to be more powerful up close. This caught the attention of top Warzone streamer FaZe Swagg, who claims that Raven Software “broke” the weapon.

Best Warzone AK-74u loadout

FaZe Swagg explained he was talking to Warzone stats man JGOD about the AK-74u, and “they actually broke this gun.”

“With the new 74u buff, when you hit a headshot with this gun up close it takes the TTK (time to kill) to about 470 which is literally on-par… first of all, it’s the fastest killing SMG, also it’s really close to the AS VAL which is an AR, but people use it as an SMG.”

The AS VAL is the weapon of choice for another leading content creator, NICKMERCS, who favors it because of its insanely fast time to kill. The only thing holding it back is its small magazine size, but the AK-74u doesn’t have that problem as Swagg runs a 50 round mag with it.

“Overall, it’s ridiculous, it kills so fast,” he explained. “It kills faster than the FFAR, XM4, AK overall… when you land a headshot it just does ridiculous damage.”

Using the AK-74u alongside the CR-56 AMAX, Swagg dropped a whopping 30 kills.

FaZe Swagg’s AK-74u Warzone loadout

  • Muzzle: Sound Suppressor
  • Barrel: 10.3″ Task Force
  • Laser: KGB Target Designator
  • Stock: KGB Skeletal Stock
  • Ammunition: Spetsnaz 50 Rnd Drum

FaZe Swagg built this AK-74u to dominate at close-range, making it a perfect accompaniment to a long-range Assault Rifle. The new Sound Suppressor attachment is perfect for any SMG build as it grants a ton of buffs.

Swagg said you can switch up the drum mag for the VDV 50 Rnd Fast Mag if you want instead, and you can also use the GRU Suppressor if you’d like a little bit more range. However, he said that “You need to have Task Force, you need to have the KGB [Target Designator], and Skeletal Stock.”

Image Credit: Mavix / Activision

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