Dr Disrespect thinks Warzone 2 has “great potential” thanks to Al Mazrah map

Dr Disrespect on stream

Dr Disrespect has heaped praise on Warzone 2 with the streaming star explaining that the sequel has “great potential” and has complimented the new Al Mazrah map.

Warzone 2 introduces a boatload of new features to expand on the original game, from Strongholds full of AI enemies to the ability to add enemy players to your squad. But the success of the sequel was always going to be determined by the new map.

Al Mazrah takes Warzone 2 to a desert region and brings a number of iconic multiplayer maps back as POIs, including MW2 2009’s Terminal and CoD 4’s Showdown.

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Despite being critical of the CoD series in the past, YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect has welcomed the Al Mazrah map, praising the way it has been designed.

During a recent stream, Doc managed to earn his first Warzone 2 win alongside ZLaner. After securing the dub, his chat asked him for his thoughts on the battle royale sequel, where he picked out Al Mazrah as the main positive.

“For me, one of the most underrated things in first-person shooter games is level design and map design. It’s so crucial to have that as dominant as the rest of the game,” he explained.

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“So, we’ll start off with the level design and map design: I think it’s fantastic. I’m really digging it.”

He also mentioned Warzone 2’s Backpack looting, which has come under fire from much of the community, but Doc felt that it worked well once he came to terms with it.

“The whole looting aspect, it was a little like ‘what the hell is this,’ but now that I’m used to it, especially on controller, and now that I kind of understand everything, for the most part, that’s pretty sweet.”

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Dr Disrespect ended by saying that Warzone 2 has a bright future and that he is enjoying his time with the game so far: “I think the game has a lot of great potential – I’m a fan of Warzone 2.0.” 

Given the streamer’s experience as a map designer on Advanced Warfare and in developing his own game, DEADROP, fans will be heartened to hear that Doc is on board with Warzone 2 so far.

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Image credit: Dr Disrespect

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