Dr Disrespect reveals his biggest concerns over Warzone 2’s DMZ mode

Hamza Khalid
Warzone operators driving vehicles

Popular Call of Duty streamer Herschel Beahm IV, also known as Dr Disrespect, has revealed his biggest worries about the new DMZ mode that will arrive with Warzone 2.

The highly anticipated Warzone 2 Season 1 will bring an Escape from Tarkov-inspired mode known as DMZ, and this will task your team with extracting loot while battling NPCs and enemy players on the map.

On November 9, a few notable content creators got to try out the game mode, and while Dr Disrespect wasn’t invited, he also took a look at the DMZ gameplay of YouTuber DrLupo. Now, the streaming star has shared his thoughts on DMZ.

While he hasn’t played the mode himself yet, Dr Disrespect explained that his biggest gripe with DMZ is that it has “too much AI. Just like unnecessary shots and fights. I know they want to keep you engaged, they want to like make sure your sensories are heightened.”

He also hinted that he has issues with the Al Mazrah map, particularly with the way it’s designed. He explained: “There are certain things that I’m like ‘oh man’. Like, for whatever reason, this map and the way it’s designed with this map…we’ll see how it is.” 

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Dr Disrespect also shared his concerns that doing the same tasks over and over again could become repetitive in the Warzone 2 game mode. He then asked if the game mode features any “unique missions and objectives even after so many hours played of this mode.”

The popular Call of Duty streamer will have those questions answered as soon as he hops into the DMZ mode when it finally arrives at Warzone 2.0’s launch on November 16. So, he won’t have to wait long.

Dr Disrespect has a gaming studio called Midnight Society that’s currently working on a rival extraction shooter known as DEADROP. The streaming star claims that the game looks better than Modern Warfare 2.

According to Warzone 2 and DMZ’s roadmap, the game mode will also include an interrogation system that lets you find out the enemy’s locations from downed opponents. It remains to be seen what other features players will discover after hopping into DMZ.

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Image credits: Activision