Dr Disrespect explains why Warzone Season 2’s AUG is more broken than the DMR

Liam Mackay
Dr Disrespect says the AUG is worse than the DMR meta

Streamer Dr Disrespect has explained why he believes Warzone Season 2’s AUG meta has put the game in a worse state than when the DMR was king, calling the Cold War weapon “technically broken.”

Since Black Ops Cold War’s integration with Warzone, the 1980s weapons have dominated the meta. In Season 1, the MAC-10 SMG and akimbo Diamattis were the only weapons to use at close-range, but the DMR 14 was also on everyone’s mind. After weeks of calling for the DMR to be nerfed, in which Warzone was nicknamed ‘DMRZone,’ it was finally adjusted by Raven Software.

Now, the FFAR 1 and, more importantly, the AUG runs the show in Warzone Season 2, and Dr Disrespect has joined the chorus of players requesting the Tactical Rifle to be nerfed, explaining why he believes this meta is worse than the DMR’s.

Warzone AUG

In a stream on March 26, Doc and his regular Warzone duo ZLaner discussed which meta they believed was worse. While ZLaner believed the DMR was more frustrating, Doc argued the case for the AUG putting Warzone in a worse state.

Doc believes that while the DMR being broken in the sense of weapon tuning, the AUG is “technically broken.”

“The gun is broken in the sense that it is not designed for the tech of this engine and the servers, these 12 tick servers,” Dr Disrespect described.

Discussion begins at 3:55:07

He then later explained his reasoning with an example of one of his deaths to the AUG. “This guy was standing there, I knew he had the AUG because he was shooting at you. I peeked him with a sniper, I think I shot him or missed a shot. By the time I strafed behind the truck, I was knocked. I look at his killcam, two bursts to knock me and I didn’t receive any of that information. None.”

Dr Disrespect firmly believes that there’s a wider problem where “there’s something technically wrong with having the AUG in the game the way it’s tuned.”

With Warzone’s mid-Season 2 update round the corner, perhaps nerfs will knock the AUG from its pedestal to make way for a new long-range weapon to dominate the game.

Image Credit: Activision / Dr Disrespect

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