Dr DisRespect explains how to fix Warzone solos in Season 3

Hamza Khalid
Dr Disrespect talks about Warzone solos

Popular CoD streamer Dr Disrespect is frustrated with the current state of solo matches in Warzone and has a recommendation for how the developers can fix them.

Warzone’s Season 3 update has brought plenty of new content for players to dig into. Verdansk received an 80s-centric makeover, weapons went through balancing changes, and various other additions came to the battle royale.

Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, commonly known online as Dr Disrespect, previously stated that he wasn’t impressed with the map changes in the new season. Now, he’s given his thoughts on how to improve solo matches.

Warzone Big Bertha truck

Warzone players have complained about going against the different in-game vehicles that can run them over in an instant. The ‘Big Bertha’ armored trucks received a ton of criticism for being too difficult to blow up.

Dr Disrespect was performing fairly well in a solo match until one player in a truck showed up and ran him over, causing him to quit the game. He then gave a recommendation to the developers for improving solo matches.

“I understand game design and everything,” said the streamer. “I feel like the solution isn’t easy. It’s gonna be tough, but I have a recommendation. I really do. How about we just take the trucks out?”

Timestamp of 24:52

This isn’t the most controversial opinion, as many players have expressed their frustrations with Warzone’s trucks in the past. It doesn’t matter how skilled and careful you are if one person can run you over at any time.

Luckily, several updates have come and gone, which have made them much easier to destroy, and a few Warzone players even discovered an easy trick to taking them down. However, riding around in a truck is still one of the most powerful strategies players can utilize when playing solos and increases your chances of winning by a large amount, especially in the final couple of circles.

We might see some further changes to the Warzone vehicles in future updates. If any of those are announced, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Image Credits: Activision/Dr Disrespect

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