Disappointed Warzone players call for Clash mode to return

Nathan Warby
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Warzone Season 5 Reloaded introduced a 50v50 game mode called Clash, and it seemed to go down well with the community. Now that is been removed from the playlists, players have reacted angrily and called for its return.

Following the latest update to Warzone Season 5 Reloaded, the new 50 v 50 Clash game mode has been removed from battle royale’s playlist.

While not all players were won over by the new mode, many were enjoying the faster pace compared to the usual Warzone experience.

Now that it has been taken away, angry fans are urging Raven to bring it back, labeling the game “dead” without it.

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Playlist updates are nothing new in Warzone. Raven Software updates the modes playable in-game every Thursday in order to keep things fresh. This hasn’t stopped fans from taking to social media to call for Clash’s return.

In a thread simply called ‘What happened to Clash?’ Reddit user FullStackOver said, “I only downloaded Warzone back because of Clash, and I was having fun. I even bought the battle pass. Now they removed it? WTF.”

“Welp, this game is dead to me again,” added another fan. “Clash was the only mode I played and honestly the only mode that was fun imo.”

Redditor ‘ageekmaster’ posed that disgruntled players should “create a campaign” in order to get the devs to take notice.

Others joined the discussion, saying they’ll miss Clash because it’s a great way to “grind weapon XP,” which can make weapons more effective in the classic Warzone battle royale.

Many of the posts relating to this issue have expressed confusion as to why a mode that was so well-received would be taken down. No reason has been given for why Clash was removed so quickly after it was first added to the game, and there is no confirmation on if or when it will return.

As mentioned earlier, Raven updates the Warzone playlist regularly, so fans can hope that its absence from the game will be short-lived.

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