Helicopters removed from Warzone in response to invisibility glitch

Nicholas Sakadelis

The Black Ops Cold War & Warzone Season 1 Update has introduced a bug that makes players invisible in-game.

Update: Raven has removed Attack Helicopters from Warzone until this exploit is patched.

Original Story: The Black Ops Cold War Warzone integration is now live and comes with new operators, maps, and of course, a fair share of bugs. Newest to Verdansk and Rebirth Island comes the invisibility bug, which allows you to be 100% invisible to other players.

Since players have discovered this bug, it has increased in popularity, ruining games for Warzone players and streamers alike.

Here’s an example of the bug being used against streamer C9 EmZ.


Here’s another example from CoD League Analyst & Streamer NAMELESS.

How To Counter This Bug

Out of respect for the launch of Season 1 and the competitive integrity of Warzone games, we will not be telling players how to perform this game-breaking exploit. Instead, we will be advising players to destroy all helicopters in Warzone as soon as games start to prevent players from doing the bug, especially on Verdansk.

The exploit is linked to helicopters, so as long as there are none on the map, you shouldn’t have to worry about anyone abusing it. Unfortunately, there’s no way one squad can clear the map out, so we’re hoping if enough people follow suit, then potential exploiters will be out of luck.

If you encounter a player who’s invisible, we’re unsure if you can kill them. Assuming you can though, having a teammate with an RPG might be a good idea to counter them. Additionally, you can spam grenades and weapons in the general direction of the suspected player until you get a hit marker.

You can still hear enemy footsteps and see the bullet tracers from invisible enemies, so that may also be of help.

We’ll update when a patch or update is released by Treyarch or Raven.