Crazy CoD: Warzone glitch lets players see through walls after Gulag

Liam Mackay
COD Warzone Season 2 cheaters

Although Raven Software is steadily handing out bans to Call of Duty: Warzone cheaters, a strange Gulag glitch has allowed the players to see opponents through walls in Verdansk.

Most Warzone players know the frustration of coming up against cheaters. Whether you’re getting your head snapped onto from miles away or you’re getting perfectly tracked through walls, it’s a painful experience.

Raven Software has been working hard and has already banned an incredible number of accounts from playing Warzone again. But one issue seemingly out of their control is a weird glitch that stems from the Gulag, allowing players to see the outline of other battle royale participants.

It’s remain a constant presence throughout Season 2 of Warzone, and continues to offer players an unfair advantage in their attempts to land a Warzone victory.

Warzone cheaters wallhacks CoD Season 2

Although Reddit user ‘chinitotuchman‘ was sent to the Gulag, they never had to fight and were instantly sent back to Verdansk.

“As soon as I loaded into the fight (but before it started) it flashed gulag victory and I redeployed,” they explained. This usually means that their opponent would have left the game, but what happened next proved this wasn’t the case.

After dropping back into Verdansk, they could see the red outline of an enemy player across the map. As anyone would, chinitotuchman pushed and found the glitch worked exactly like wallhacks. The red outline that marks players in the Gulag countdown stayed on the opposing player, allowing our Redditor to easily pre-aim and get the elimination as they left cover.

Going by the clip, it’s likely that the other player was granted the same ability, as they cautiously approached and instantly shot chinitotuchman as they came round the corner. It’s not outright cheating like aimbot as the players clearly had this scenario thrust upon them.

It’s possible that the other player’s teammate completed a Most Wanted contract while the fight was counting down which caused the Gulag to end early – but never removed the red outlines.

CoD: Warzone Gulag wallhack glitch still happening

Since this occurrence, it’s happened again during the latter stages of the game’s second season. donats91 recorded footage of the same glitch happening to them, and it’s almost a carbon copy of the first example.

donats91 even offers up a familiar-sounding explanation, “For those who are gonna ask: Basically my friend had a Most Wanted and I was ready to face a guy in the Gulag. He won right as me and the guy were about to start moving. That red outline that you get on your opponent at the beginning of the gulag will stay on that player (since he’s released also) till he dies.

Warzone developers track known issues on their official Trello board, and it’s still not being investigated. The unlikely nature of ther glitch means it probably doesn’t take precedence ahead of other incoming fixes and Season 3 content.

Image Credit: Activision