CouRage begs Warzone devs to fix major issues in Season 3

Liam Mackay
CouRage Warzone

With Warzone Season 3 on the horizon, Call of Duty veteran and streamer Jack “CouRage” Dunlop offered devs his wish list of changes that he believes would majorly benefit the game.

Warzone certainly isn’t free from bugs and issues, with the dreaded Stim Glitch, almost invisible Roze skins, and overpowered weapons dominating every engagement.

While Raven Software has confirmed they are fixing some of the more annoying issues, such as the RC-XD being at the bottom of the Buy Station list and Sniper Scopes having no glint, there are several other issues players are desperate to have fixed.

Streamer and Call of Duty veteran CouRage has summed up the community’s feelings in a list of changes he feels the devs should make to improve Warzone.

Tweeting the Call of Duty and Raven Software accounts, CouRage said, “Hey! Just wanted to send over changes that I think would add a better quality of life to the game.”

His list is extensive, but here are some of the changes CouRage wants for Warzone:

  • Removal/refund of the Roze skin
  • Less Dead Silence and Stopping Power
  • No more fists Gulag ever again (current Gulag is best)
  • Adjust rocks on the map to be easier to traverse
  • Add FOV slider for console players
  • Make it easier to distinguish if enemy footsteps are above or below you

He also added that the new Sykov Pistol that has just been added to Modern Warfare and Warzone should be adjusted, as, with the right attachments, it’s unstoppable at close range.

Warzone Sykov Pistol

“Really love Warzone!” he explained. “As someone who plays the game almost daily, I just want to see it thrive and be as successful as possible!”

CouRage concluding by saying that he is “More than happy to hop on a call with developers and provide clips to help improve the game! Really looking forward to more map/meta changes!”

It’s all but confirmed that Verdansk will undergo a 1980s overhaul once the season-ending nuke event has concluded, but as for bug fixes and weapon balance changes, we’ll need to wait until the official Season 3 patch notes drop to see what has changed.

Image Credit: Activision / 100 Thieves

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