CoD: Warzone – How to earn and use Yellow Keycards

Call of Duty Warzone Season 2 Yellow Keycard Guide

Here’s how to use Yellow Keycards in the newest update for Call of Duty Warzone Season 2.

Black Ops Cold War and Warzone’s newest Season 2 update brings players exciting content from both games, ranging from the Zombies Outbreak mode to the new areas on the Warzone map.

For one of the new areas, the Shipwreck – there is a brand new Zombies event that players can trigger. It results in hefty rewards for any player that’s brave enough to take on the task.

Since players all over the game will be instantly rushing to the new area on the map, you’ll have lots of company while taking on this challenge, so we recommend playing in a squad to get the most help you can get. If you’re rather skilled, you can do this in solos as well.

How to earn the Yellow Keycard

To obtain the Yellow Keycard, you’ll want to head to the bottom level of the Shipwreck. On the catwalk, they’ll be a small room with a Zombie Terminal in it. You can manually activate a zombie event at any time, but be sure to be armed for what’s to come.

Once activated, the zombies event will begin to spawn zombies all over the bottom level of the Ship and task your squad with eliminating a total of 40 of them. When the final zombie is defeated, they’ll drop a Yellow Keycard from their undead corpse.

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How to use the Yellow Keycard

When the zombies event concludes and you’ve picked up the Yellow Keycard, the location of a reward crate will be marked on your HUD. Simply navigate the ship to this secret chest and you’ll be rewarded with an assortment of rare loot, including a guaranteed Armor Satchel and Durable Gas Mask.

The Durable Gas Mask is a significantly improved version of the normal Gas Mask, allowing players to breathe in the gas for a longer amount of time. This will come in handy during your travel across Verdansk.

Image Credits: Activision, Mr Middi on YouTube