Call of Duty: Warzone’s ping mechanic seems to have been nerfed in Season 3

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An essential aspect of CoD: Warzone is the ability to ping the exact location of an enemy to your teammates with a distinctive marker. But players believe that its powers have been nerfed during Season 3, and the issue continues to be overlooked.

Communication and cohesion are important ingredients in any game of duos, trios, or quads. Unless you’re one of the world’s elite Warzone players like NICKMERCS, Aydan, or Swagg, then sticking together and constant chatter is a massive key to victory in Warzone.

One of the ways in which players can do this is by pressing the correct action button to ping the location of weapons, special items, and enemy locations. But its powers appear to have been diminished for quite some time now.

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Usually, if you see an enemy in Warzone, you press the relevant button for your chosen platform, and a red diamond will appear above the enemy’s head.

This is exactly what Reddit user aur0n did a few weeks ago, and the marker behaved irrationally, or perhaps normally if this is a deliberate decision choice by Raven Software.

Once the player marked the enemy, the opponent sought cover behind a rock, and instead of the marker sticking around for a few seconds, it disappeared almost immediately.

aur0n even posted a follow-up post to their original post saying, “Happened multiple times now, at first I thought I accidentally cleared pings, but now it’s happening very frequently and always when enemies take cover or run away. Not complaining, I think they were super OP, I just think is weird nobody noticed and Raven didn’t mention this change at all in their recent patch notes…”

It wasn’t just aur0n who’s noticed the sudden change in the gameplay element with another user also commenting on its potential alteration, insinuating that it may actually be a bug: “I think this is a bug because this has been happening to me a lot as well. When a live ping drops off it is supposed to become a general “area” ping, but instead it is completely vanishing. Also, it no longer plays the alert sound for you or your teammates.”

After these initial complaints, it seems like the issue is still lingering in Warzone Season 3. A new Reddit post has asked, “Raven, please fix live pings.”

The poster has said, “I am so tired of live pinging someone and it disappearing instantly. It’s so frustrating because it’s not like it leaves a regular ping in its place so my teammates will have no idea where to look.

This isn’t a bug that’s been in the game long it’s a brand new bug to a ping system they don’t even touch so how does it even happen?”

We’ll have to wait on confirmation from Raven Software to ascertain whether this is a deliberate move or if it is indeed a bug in the system.

If not addressed, then the ping marker problem will probably continue into Warzone Season 4.

Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software

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