Cold War Zombies camos finally arrive in Warzone

Liam Mackay
Dark Aether Camo on Warzone XM4

After the devs revealed Zombies camos would be coming to Warzone, players have been desperate for them to arrive. Now, in Season 5 Reloaded, Golden Viper, Plague Diamond, and Dark Aether, and more can be applied in Warzone.

Warzone Season 5 Reloaded is here, bringing brand-new game modes, The Numbers event, and significant weapon balancing. It also brought confirmation of a long-requested addition – Zombies Mastery Camos.

When Black Ops Cold War first integrated with Warzone in December 2020, fans who had grinded for the Cold War Zombies Mastery Camos – Golden Viper, Plague Diamond, and Dark Aether – were disappointed that they weren’t available in Warzone.

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However, Raven Software confirmed in the Season 5 Reloaded update that all of the Zombies camos have finally arrived in Warzone.

Although not officially included in the Warzone Season 5 patch notes, devs Raven Software tweeted the Zombies camos arrival not long after the update dropped. This confirmed that all of the Zombies camos, including Mastery Camos, are now available in Warzone.

Because these are Cold War camos, they can only be applied to Cold War guns. And to earn them, you must either own Cold War or play in the occasional free weekend. From here, load into Zombies, and start grinding the camos.

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However, Raven Software has acknowledged an issue that is stopping Zombies Mastery Camos from showing on certain weapons, including those from Season 5 such as the EM2. While all of the other Zombies camos are there, the three Mastery Camos aren’t available.

Raven confirmed that they’re investigating the issue, and will “provide an update soon.” Stay tuned to Charlie INTEL, as we’ll keep you updated on when Mastery Camos will be available for all weapons.

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How to apply Zombies camos in Warzone

Zombies Camos on Warzone's Cold War AK-47

Applying Zombies camos in Warzone is simple, as the devs have added a new tab to the Camouflage selection screen.

Here’s how to apply Zombies camos in Warzone:

  1. Launch Call of Duty: Warzone
  2. Go to the ‘Weapons’ tab and hit ‘Edit Loadout’
  3. Select a loadout slot and equip a Black Ops Cold War weapon of your choice
  4. Click on ‘Gunsmith’
  5. Go to the ‘Customize’ tab and select ‘Camouflage’
  6. Navigate to the ‘Zombies’ tab and select your favorite Zombies camo!

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Image Credit: Activision