Bizarre Warzone glitch makes Stims completely useless

Warzone Operator and Stim

Stims are meant to provide Warzone players with a much-needed health boost but there are reports of a bizarre glitch that is making this piece of tactical equipment completely useless.

You should expect tough competition from enemy players when hopping into a game of Warzone Pacific, and there are a few different ways for you to give yourself an advantage in combat.

Aside from equipping the best weapon loadouts, you can also keep a Stim for those situations where you find yourself overwhelmed by enemies. However, a strange glitch is making Stims useless.

stim in warzone pacific

In Warzone Pacific, Stims are a piece of tactical equipment that grants you a quick boost to both your health and tactical sprint. This is greatly useful for players that need to increase their chances of survival.

Reddit user ‘soulr3k’ shared a clip of them battling an enemy Warzone player in Caldera’s Storage Town. In this video, they applied a Stim to recover their health, only to immediately get gunned down by their opponent.

This confused the Redditor as using a Stim is supposed to help you stay in the fight for a bit longer, but the killcam showed that the enemy player was able to eliminate them as soon as they left their cover.

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The Redditor then asked the commenters to explain why their tactical equipment seemingly didn’t work. One user claimed that this is because Stims don’t work when you have the speed boost, and simply refresh it instead.

According to soulr3k, Stims previously canceled out your speed boost, and the developers may have fixed that in a recent update patch. However, now for some reason, it cancels the healing instead.

At the time of writing, it doesn’t seem like Activision have any plans to implement any further changes to the Stims that will help players keep regenerating health during the speed boost. If they announce any more adjustments, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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Image credits: Activision