Bizarre Warzone bug brings Fortnite’s sky bases to Caldera

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone skybase bug

Warzone players are experiencing a bizarre bug that shares similarities to the sky bases players build in Fortnite’s Battle Royale.

Everyone now knows how buggy Warzone can be, especially with the devs admitting their mistakes and future plan to release Warzone 2 on a fresh new engine.

As well as Dinosaurs possibly coming to the game, players have found a bizarre new bug in Warzone Pacific Season 2 that sends players to “heaven,” despite winning the Gulag.

warzone caldera

Warzone is definitely not known for its building, however, this new bug definitely makes you feel like you’ve just built a Fortnite skybase and are now watching over the entire map as the zone closes in.

Reddit user aargella highlighted the bug over on the Warzone subreddit, showing a clip of it happening.

In the post, the player claims they had just been victorious in the Gulag, but were still subject to death as they were left in the clouds without any way to get back down to the map.

As you can see, the player is stuck above Caldera, likely on an invisible surface as they can still move around. This is probably the sky box for the map, and somehow the game has glitched the player above the box, allowing them to walk on top of it.

When watching the clip, this definitely reminds us of Fortnite skybases, where players build up as high as they can in order to get an overview of the map and remaining players.

Further, it seems getting this bug is actually advantageous as well, with reports in the comments that some have actually been able to win the game just by staying alive and avoiding the zone.

fortnite sky base

Another comment actually claims to know how this bug is caused, stating “This happened to me once. Its caused by winning the gulag as your teammate fly his plane into the skybox.”

So it seems that being brought back by winning the Gulag while your teammates are in a fighter plane up in the sky is what causes this bug. Hopefully, players don’t start abusing this tactic and the devs can resolve the issue before Warzone turns into Fortnite.

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Image Credits: Raven Software / Epic Games / Activision