Aydan’s squad shatters World Record with crazy 162 kill Warzone game

Aydan Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone streamer Aydan “Aydan” Conrad and his squad have set the new World Record for kills at 162 – a score that “will never be broken.”

With how fast-paced Call of Duty: Warzone is compared to other battle royale titles, kill races have become the most popular format of competitive play. Alongside these kill races come World Records to be set, and the latest is unlikely to be broken for some time.

Streamer Aydan already holds the World Record for Solos vs Quads, Trios vs Quads (150 players), and Trios vs Quads (200 players). But now he has one more to add to his Warzone CV, with his squad smashing the Quads World Record.

On March 5, Aydan, ScummN, Newbz, and Almond smashed the previous World Record of 143, getting an insane 162 kills. Aydan tweeted out the scoreboard, saying that the record “will NEVER be broken.”

Playing in a 2v2 wager match for $500, after hunting down and destroying almost every player on the map with his trusty AUG and FFAR 1, Aydan and the squad knew well before the end that they had broken the record. However, they set their sights on ensuring it would never be beaten.

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With 161 kills on the board and only one player left, they dropped over $25,000 beside the buy station in the hope the last player would buy back their teammates. When the last player wasn’t taking the bait, Almond brought over the money but alas, they ended it with 162.

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Considering only 150 players queue into Warzone, 162 kills would be deemed an impossible feat, but these players have proved otherwise. Also, what makes this record all-the-more impressive is the two duos that made up the four weren’t working together, so they essentially played Duos vs Squads.

By looking at the lobby on SBMM Warzone, they were lucky enough to queue against the bottom 20% of players, but it’s their skill and decision-making that brought them to this insane feat.

This kill-record is so high, it’s unlikely that it will be beaten any time soon, if at all.

Image Credits: Aydan / Activision