Audio files for Warzone season-ending ‘Plague’ game mode reportedly leaked

Liam Mackay
CoD Warzone Zombies

Audio files for a Warzone game mode called ‘Plague’ apparently have been leaked, which appear to confirm Verdansk will be nuked after its overrun by Zombies.

It’s long been theorized that the Zombies which arrived on the cargo ship by Prison will overrun Verdansk, which will cause the map to nuked, taking players to the Ural Mountains.

Audio files leaked by ‘ZestyCODLeaks‘ appear to confirm this theory, with an upcoming game mode called ‘Plague’ potentially coming to Warzone. As revealed by these voice lines, Zombies have overrun the Warzone map and you must take it back. Announcers will try to keep you motivated, telling you, “this is our last chance to save Verdansk.”

Here are some of the voice lines that have been leaked:

  • “This is the final hour. Avoid the infected at all costs.”
  • “Don’t turn into a Zombie! For Verdansk!”
  • “We can’t lose Verdansk, fight those damn Zombies!”

There will also be “Plague Zones,” which we presume you are tasked with clearing out as part of this new mode.

Like Black Ops Cold War Zombies, you will get the opportunity to exfil out of the map. As revealed in the audio files, if you fail to exfil in time, you will be nuked along with Verdansk. The audio files include the announcer stating: “Extraction canceled, nuke inbound for Verdansk.”

This confirms the long-running theory that Verdansk will be nuked to make way for a new map, which is all-but-confirmed to be the Ural Mountains. The appearance of Missile Silos in the Season 2 update further bolster this theory.

Warzone missile silos

Also in these game files is a Sandbox mode taking place in the Warzone map, which will have “vehicle races, parachute races, and a shooting range.”

We’d like to say that these voice lines are taken out of context, and may not even make it to the game.

No further events have been confirmed but as Warzone Season 2 progresses, we will learn more about the future of Verdansk.

Image Credit: Activision

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