Activision taking down videos of new Call of Duty console cheat

Andrew Highton
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A voluntary anti-cheat group has detected “the next generation of cheating” that is set to hit new consoles such as the PS5 and Xbox Series X and will target games like Warzone and Cold War. Activision has now acted by having videos advertising the cheat taken down.

Whilst it’s common knowledge at this point that Call of Duty: Warzone is attacked by blatant cheaters and is targeted with unfair hacks, CoD games have suffered from cheating for years. Players on consoles and PC always find a way to manipulate the game to create hacked lobbies that modify the game.

Recently, a dangerous new console cheat was being advertised in videos that would make Call of Duty on console vulnerable to the troubles it suffers on PC with hackers. Activision has taken notice of these videos and is beginning to have them all removed in an attempt to presumably stop it from happening.

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A Twitter page by the name of the ‘Anti-cheat Police Department’ had posted several Tweets warning players about the upcoming hacks in Warzone and Cold War.

They are an unpaid group who gather information to inform the public of the latest gaming cheats and hacks.

The video attached to the Tweet showed what gamers potentially may have to deal with in the future if this new console hack becomes widespread.

It seems to be a traditional aimbot program that makes the gun lock-on to players very quickly and automatically, allowing for easy kills.

The final Tweet explaining the situation concluded by saying that: “Is this detectable? yes, but it will be a pain for the developers to detect this it will certainly not be an easy job to detect these types of cheats.”

Since these Tweets were posted, Activision has become very cognizant of the situation and is now taking down any video that pertains to the console cheat.

The news of the looming cheat has not been received well by the community, and if Cold War and Warzone do become a victim of hacking on the large console player base, then it could spell disaster for Call of Duty.

Activision removing these videos is the first step towards minimizing any potential damage. They may take further action if the cheat becomes a widespread issue.

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Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software / Treyarch

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