Activision ‘investing more’ in Warzone anti-cheat, providing better communication

Keshav Bhat
Warzone Shadow Company

Activision Publishing President Rob Kostich spoke with VentureBeat in an interview to talk about all things Call of Duty as Season 3 of Warzone & Black Ops Cold War kicks off.

As part of the interview, VentureBeat’s reporter asked Kostich about some of the hot topics around the Call of Duty: Warzone community. That includes rumors about weapon balancing, anti-cheat, file size of the game, and more.

Kostich provided an answer to the question, stating there was two things they have to do on that: communication and action.

He commits that the team “will continue to do a better and better job of communicating with the community very frequently.

Specifically, on the anti-cheat front, many players in Warzone have been frustrated with the cheating situation. It escalated to the point where BBC News did an article on the situation earlier this year. The company then said they would provide ‘regular’ updates on the situation, and to their credit, the have.

Kostich echos this point in the interview stating they have a “dedicated security team.” He also notes that “any large-scale free-to-play game gets attacked about those not-good actors who are out there.”

Kostich confirms that Activision is “investing more resources there to make sure we provide the best possible experience for our fans” and also focusing on how to communicate about the action that they are taking more frequently.

Another topic around Warzone that caught many people’s attention was the game’s file size. Call of Duty titles over the last year have taken as much as 250GB of space on consoles with the amount of updates.

Here, he reiterates that their goal when the game launch “was to make the best-looking, best-playing battle royale experience on the planet. I think we accomplished that. With that, though, there’s a bit of a file size that we recognize.”

Kostich confirms that they have “a team that’s continuously focused on taking down that footprint for our fans so they can better manage their inventory of games.”

He finishes stating that they have to work “very aggressively on behalf of the community, and we’ll continue to do a better job of communicating with them.”

“We’re excited, and more than anything we’re thankful for our community and their support. We’re more passionate than ever to surprise and delight them in the future.”