Vanguard’s “horrible” spawn system is completely ruining Free-For-All

Liam Mackay
Vanguard player using PPSh

Free-For-All is one of Call of Duty’s oldest and most popular modes, but Vanguard players feel the game’s “horrible” spawn system is completely ruining the mode as players are abusing spawn traps.

Call of Duty: Vanguard players have been complaining about the game’s spawns since it launched in November, with glitches such as players spawning alongside the enemy team leading to them being called the “worst” in CoD history.

But these broken spawns have been ruining one mode in particular – Hardcore Free-For-All. With every player fighting for themself, some have found a way to exploit these broken spawns.

CoD Vanguard Operators fighting on Shipment

Reddit user KobraKay87 began the discussion, saying that “Harcore FFA gets destroyed by people abusing the horrible spawn system,” and provided a clip as damning evidence.

In the accompanying clip, we can see that they were continuously gunned down before they could move an inch. And the killcam shows exactly what happened, as a player was aiming directly at the spawn point, killing KobraKay87 again and again as they respawned.

It appears that KobraKay87 isn’t the first to be caught in this deadly spawn trap, as ‘Lassie_Maven’ said “HC FFA is really rough in Vanguard because of exactly what you’ve shown in the video. Basically the entire match is people just hiding and watching spawns just like this.”

Hardcore mode’s extremely fast time-to-kill makes spawn traps like this impossible to escape, but ‘HOONIGAN-‘ said “Core wouldn’t be any better. You’d be dead regardless with [a] spawn that bad.”

Sledgehammer devs have now returned from their holiday break and confirmed fixes for the Panzerfaust challenges issue, weapon balancing, and Mortar Barrages lasting too long.

The Vanguard devs’ Trello board says “We’re refining spawn logic over time to improve spawns in matches with higher player counts,” and a small change was made in the December 15 update. It’s likely Sledgehammer Games will keep fine-tuning these spawns.

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Image Credit: Sledgehammer Games

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