How Vanguard’s Bombing Run killstreak could work against you

Vanguard Bombing Run Killstreak

If you get seven kills without dying in Vanguard Multiplayer, you may want to think twice before calling in your Bombing Run killstreak.

Vanguard killstreaks, such as the classic Spy Plane and the ferocious Attack Dogs, should be familiar to you. While the Bombing Run killstreak isn’t exactly new to the franchise after appearing in Advanced Warfare, this iteration has attracted some controversy.

The killstreak calls in allied bombers who make three passes, bombarding areas along the way. The key factor here is that you do not control the areas.

Instead, the killstreak automatically targets areas with a high concentration of enemies. The major issue here is that you can easily take damage from its bombardment.

Bombing Run killstreak in Vanguard killstreak selection screen.

Why the Bombing Run Killstreak is risky

The most common result of utilizing a Bombing Run is dying by your allied planes. When playing traditional game modes this will only affect you. If you play Hardcore modes, catching your enemies in the bombardment is a very common occurrence.

Ultimately, the Bombing Run is a highly effective streak. It passes over enemies three times which often results in quite a few kills. However, it’s a huge drawback to take damage from your own bombardment.

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If you’re not prepared to take this risk, you may want to consider alternative killstreaks. The Strafing Run is a similar killstreak that calls in allied air support. The only difference is that you get to choose the area to blast.

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This gives you more control over placement which will result in you taking damage from the blast less frequently. On the downside, it only passes over enemies once.

Vanguard has given us a lot to think about when it comes to killstreaks, with a total of 16 killstreaks to choose from at launch.

Experimenting with the best selection of three is going to take some time. You may even discover that not all Vanguard killstreaks work as intended.

Launch month is always an exciting time for the Call of Duty franchise, as the kinks get ironed out and the game develops into the version it was meant to be through your testing and experimenting.

Image Credits: Activision / Sledgehammer Games

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