Vanguard’s $20 Yarn Burner skin is so broken it can’t be equipped

Liam Mackay
Yarn Burner skin in call of duty vanguard

Vanguard players are furious with the ‘Yarn Burner’ Holiday skin as even when purchased, it can’t be viewed or equipped.

Call of Duty players have been less than impressed with Vanguard’s store offerings after bugs and glitches have made skins and weapon Blueprints either ‘pay-to-win’ or called a ‘scam.’

Plenty of new skins and cosmetics arrived alongside the Festive Fervor Holiday Event, but players have taken issue with the ‘Yarn Burner’ skin for Lucas. This skin simply can’t be equipped in Vanguard, even though it has to be purchased from the store as part of the 2400 CoD Point ($19.99) Santa’s Slay bundle.

While a certain skin for Daniel caused frequent crashes, the Yarn Burner skin simply can’t be equipped because it’s impossible to play as Lucas while the skin is chosen.

CoD leaker Zesty showed off the glitched skin, proving that it will default your Operator to Polina when you try to select it. They explained that selecting the Yarn Burner skin “gives you Default Polina in the Menu, and when you load into the game it gives you Default Roland.”

The clip Zesty showed off was recorded on Xbox, but players across PC and PlayStation have also reported the issue. While there are widespread calls for the issue to be fixed, several “p*ssed off” players said they wanted their money back.

However, the skin appears to work in Warzone, so the issue is specifically for Vanguard. You should still gain Operator XP for Lucas while the glitch is active too.

Sledgehammer Games haven’t listed the issue on their Trello board of known bugs and issues, but it’s likely that the developers have been off over the Holidays, so expect the bugged skin to be fixed over the coming days.

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Image Credit: Sledgehammer Games