Vanguard Season 2 Armory Perk explained: How to get it & what it does

Hamza Khalid
Vanguard Armory Perk

The Armory Perk is a brand-new addition in CoD: Vanguard’s Season 2 update, and here’s everything that you need to know about it, including what it does and how to get it.

Following the announcement of a slight delay, Call of Duty: Vanguard Season 2 is set to arrive on February 14, bringing a ton of brand-new content for players to explore, including two new Perks.

One of these is the Armory Perk which the developers added as a way for players to directly counter enemies using the Engineer Perk, so here’s how it works and what you need to do to get your hands on it.

What does Vanguard’s Armory Perk do?

Tier 100 skin battle pass

Vanguard’s new Armory Perk has two main functions; it lets you use your equipment quicker and it hides the equipment from enemies using the Engineer Perk, keeping them from hijacking it or viewing it through walls during combat.

This perk is ideal for when you want to use Demolition Charges, concussion mines, or placeable Field Equipment pieces without fear of being detected and then shot down by nearby opponents.

How to get Vanguard’s Armory Perk

Sticky Bomb Vanguard

You can get the Armory Perk as a free reward after reaching Tier 44 of the Vanguard Season 2 Battle Pass.

You can unlock all 100 Tiers of the Battle Pass by purchasing the standard version for 1,000 CoD Points or skip the first 20 Tiers by purchasing the Battle Pass Bundle for a total of 2,400 CoD Points.

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Image Credit: Sledgehammer Games

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