Vanguard players roast “garbage” Diamond camo

Nathan Warby
Diamond camo in CoD Vanguard

There’s a whole bunch of camos to unlock for weapons in Call of Duty: Vanguard to make your guns look better than your opponents. However, the look of the Diamond Mastery camo has been mocked by the community.

Part of the fun of a new Call of Duty is diving headfirst into new challenges and unlocking new camos for all of your weapons, and Vanguard is no different.

The latest CoD is packed with new Mastery camos to work towards and put your skill with each gun to the test.

However, despite Mastery camos being some of the hardest skins to unlock, players have slammed the way that Diamond looks when it is equipped.

Diamond camo in CoD Vanguard

Reddit user zalpsalph posted a picture of Diamond camo equipped to their Sten, comparing the look of the skin to “thumbtacks glued to a gun.”

The individual diamonds on the skin appear to be 2D rather than 3D, causing the weapon to look as though it has been wrapped, rather than encrusted with real jewels.

Other users were quick to call out the camo. “This is straight garbage,” replied one player. “Not only doesn’t it look good – it also doesn’t have the diamond texture. It looks like a flat wrap slapped on the gun.”

“They might wanna take a look at that later in the season,” said another.

The community also pointed out the Diamond camo in previous CoD titles, like in Black Ops Cold War or WWII, were much more worth the long grind to unlock.

One of the reasons being kicked around as to why Diamond looks so lackluster compared to previous CoDs was how early we still are in Vanguard’s lifecycle, and devs didn’t expect so many players to unlock it so soon.

“Feels like they just kinda chucked it into the game thinking ‘barely anyone’s gonna get it yet anyway we’ll worry bout it later,'” suggested one fan.

Given that Vanguard has been in the wild for a matter of days, and that challenges have been glitching out for many players, some fans were baffled that anyone had achieved Mastery so quickly.

Mp40 with vanguard atomic mastery camo

We’ll have to wait and see if Sledgehammer takes these community criticisms on board and revamp the Diamond Mastery camo in a future update.

The devs will be updating the game regularly throughout the coming year, so stay tuned on Charlie INTEL for all the latest news.

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