Vanguard players outraged as Combat Shotgun ruins Das Haus

Vanguard combat shotgun

Shotguns are meant to excel in close quarters but Vanguard’s Combat Shotgun takes things a step further.

Vanguard players were extremely happy to find the Das Haus 24/7 playlist only a few days after launch. Little did they know, their favorite map would soon become a nightmare. 

Das Haus is liked by many because it provides close-quarters combat and nonstop action. What with the addition of a 24/7 playlist, you were granted a great way to gain levels, weapon levels and grind for camos.

Vanguard Combat Shotgun side profile.

Naturally, Shotguns are viable on close-quarter maps but the issue arises with the ability to equip this deadly weapon with ten attachments. With the correct loadout the Combat Shotgun becomes a long-range one pump killing machine as evidenced above.

Repeatedly falling to this overpowered weapon has ruffled a few feathers. Without a way to counter the Vanguard Combat Shotgun on Das Haus, it’s easy to understand why players are so upset. To make matters worse, more and more players are deciding to hop on board the Shotgun train. If you can’t beat them, join them.

Although Vanguard’s Combat Shotgun isn’t as destructive on large maps, it doesn’t change the fact that its range and killing potential should be nerfed. Equipped with the correct attachments the Combat Shotgun can be utilized as a Sniper.

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You can expect to see more and more of the Combat Shotgun. Although the Das Haus 24/7 won’t last forever, Vanguard players have just received the Trifecta Moshpit playlist. The playlist features a combination of modes on the Dome, Das Haus, and Decoy maps. 

Look for the Vanguard Combat Shotgun to take over each of these close quarters maps. The Trifecta Moshpit playlist isn’t the only new addition of the day. 

Sledgehammer has released a Vanguard update addressing various bugs and glitches, including fixes to inaccurate camo challenges and issues affecting operator challenges.

Image Credits: Sledgehammer Games / Activision

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