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Call of Duty: Vanguard

Vanguard players call for Incendiary Ammo nerf

Vanguard players are bewildered by the overpowered Incendiary Ammo weapon attachment, as players call for a nerf.



Call of Duty Vanguard ammo types

Following Vanguard’s release, balancing issues were bound to be a hot topic of discussion and it seems the Incendiary Ammo attachment is receiving the bulk of early complaints.

If you find yourself questioning how you’re dying over and over at a rapid pace, you may want to blame Vanguard’s quick time-to-kill (TTK). Upon review, the real reason for your repeated deaths could be your opponent’s Incendiary Ammo attachment.

Incendiary Ammo is a primary weapon attachment that can be equipped on many weapons. At this point, it is most prominent on Vanguard’s Assault Rifles. Although, coming across Shotguns equipped with Incendiary Ammo has become a tilting widespread experience.

Incendiary rounds equipped on MP-40

Vanguard’s TTK is already notoriously fast. Adding Incendiary Ammo to the mix which damages players after impact often results in a two-shot kill. The STG44 equipped with this ammo is capable of killing players with two shots to the body at medium and sometimes long-range.

Vanguard’s weapon attachment system was supposed to be a positive new aspect. Allowing us to maximize loadout options sounds like a great idea. We may be seeing the result of having too many options.

There are virtually no drawbacks to equipping your Assault Rifle with ten attachments. If one of these turns out to be Incendiary Ammo, the results are detrimental to the multiplayer experience.

As time passes, we’ll likely receive a slew of weapon balancing updates to level the playing field. A Call of Duty game at launch and overpowered weapons are a combination we’ve seen before. After all, who can forget MW2’s pre-patch Model 1887?

The good news concerning weapon balance issues, camo challenge tracking issues, and packet bursts, is that a Sledgehammer representative clarified that the first major Vanguard patch is on its way.

You should continue to expect a slew of bugs and issues to arise throughout the first month of Vanguard. The important thing to note is that Sledgehammer is addressing these issues with the hopes of getting patches out as soon as possible.

In fact, some issues have already been fixed through silent patches. After multiple reports involving issues with Combat Pacing selection, the problem was fixed efficiently behind the scenes.

Image Credit: Activision / Sledgehammer Games