Vanguard players frustrated with lack of map rotation

Luca Di Marzo
Vanguard map rotation

Vanguard players are wondering why they constantly encounter the same maps over and over in what is becoming a frustrating Multiplayer experience for them.

The Call of Duty community has caught on to a recurring theme that forces players to encounter the same four to five maps in Vanguard Multiplayer. It seems as though game mode selection and Combat Pacing influence the map rotation.

Players are bewildered by the outrageous map rotation and are wondering if these events are the work of a bug or happening by design.

Radar map Vanguard

Playing the same maps over and over again can suck the joy out of a Call of Duty game. Much was made of Vanguard’s impressive Multiplayer map count of 16 at launch which has now reached 19.

As it turns out, players are hardly getting the chance to experience the full collection of maps due to limited map rotation. This is especially true for players who have even the slightest preference when it comes to game mode and Combat Pacing.

A Reddit post by Emotional_Tea 3650 sheds light on the issue and many players are quick to share similar experiences.

Ultimately, if you select every game mode and Combat Pacing you’ll get to experience most maps in the game. However, very few players if any are open to such a vague Multiplayer experience.

Most Vanguard players enjoy playing their favorite game modes on a specific Combat Pacing, which would limit them to the same five maps.

For example, if you select Search & Destroy on Tactical Pacing, your map pool will be Numa Numa, Desert Siege, Castle, Paradise, and Radar. Playing these same five maps over and over has players feeling bored and frustrated with the game.

Desert Siege Vanguard map

With all the attention on the various bugs plaguing Vanguard, it is strange to see this one slip under the radar. As one user puts it “This is the biggest bug in the game right now and the LEAST talked about.”

With the developers returning from their much-deserved Holiday break, chances are they’ll look into fixing this map rotation issue as a top priority. That is of course if this isn’t an intentional mechanic that the devs included.

There is currently no mention of the issue on Sledgehammer’s Trello board for Call of Duty: Vanguard.

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Image Credits: Activision / Sledgehammer Games

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