Vanguard players frustrated as challenges are completely broken

Call of duty vanguard atomic camo stg44

Vanguard players are claiming that challenges are broken in Season 1, causing a lot of frustration among the Call of Duty community.

With Vanguard Season 1 Reloaded on the horizon, you’d think the game would have fixed the issues with challenges that have been present since release.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing issues and highlighting various seasonal challenges that are not tracking progress across both Multiplayer and Zombies.

CoD Vanguard Wade Operator challenges

Vanguard Season 1 promised new content for players, but it seems the seasonal challenges are doing more to frustrate than keep players engaged.

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Reddit users KaneVictoria, HAZYGOTEM, and undertaker900407 have all put up posts in the Vanguard subreddit highlighting the current seasonal challenge issues.

One of the posts highlights the issue of challenges not being tracked in both Multiplayer and Zombies, with the user claiming they have completed challenges but are still awaiting their reward.

Further, another player seems to be experiencing a similar issue with challenges not tracking progress in Season 1, claiming their STG44 camo challenge is stuck and not allowing them to progress.

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They aren’t the only ones experiencing the issue either, as another player in the comments expressed their frustration with the same bug: “Mine is also bugged so I can’t get diamond. I swear do the developers even play test their own game? Like god damn it’s literally impossible to get Atomic since the Panzerfaust is bugged.”

Another bug that seems to be occurring with the Season 1 challenges is players not being able to actually view them: “Am I the only one that still can’t see challenges for the season? I’ve seen posts suggesting people can see them now, but there’s still nothing other than career under my challenges tab.”

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Players expressed their frustrations with this issue under the post, especially as these issues have been around “since launch.” One comment even asked: “how long do [Sledgehammer Games] need?”

Players are clearly experiencing similar issues when it comes to challenges in Vanguard Season 1. It seems the community’s frustrations are boiling over now, and perhaps Sledgehammer will attempt to fix these issues in the upcoming update, but as they have been in the game for so long, it may be a difficult fix for the devs.

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Image Credits: Sledgehammer Games / Activision

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