Vanguard players demand fix as Numa Numa makes enemies impossible to see

Hamza Khalid
Tanks in Cod Vanguard's Numa Numa map

Many CoD: Vanguard players are reporting visibility issues when playing on the Numa Numa map and are calling for the developers to make some changes to the color palette.

CoD: Vanguard has several different maps to battle in, and Numa Numa is one of the best maps in the game. This muddy battlefield suits all the different Combat Pacing options, making battles more intense.

However, many Vanguard players have reported visibility issues when playing on this map, claiming that the color pallette for Numa Numa camouflages enemies. Now, they’re asking the developers to fix this issue.

Numa Numa trench in Vanguard

Redditor IchikoTatsumura highlighted this problem in the CoD: Vanguard subreddit. They claimed that the color palette in Numa Numa makes it extremely difficult to see other players.

“I’ve noticed Numa literally camouflage other people within its color palette,” the Redditor claimed. “Like I don’t have this issue whatsoever with any other map except Numa Numa.”

Many of the commenters agreed that there are severe visibility issues on this map. Features like smoke, trenches, and Mortar killstreaks make it difficult to spot enemy players until it’s too late.

“Everything is 50 shades of brown,” wrote one user. “I don’t go near the middle of the map because it’s just 100 lines of sight pointing at one spot.”

When you play on Numa Numa, you’ll spend most of your time navigating between hidey holes along with various slopes and hills. Since all of these fall under the same color palette, it can become a bit harder to spot enemies during fast-paced combat.

At the time of writing, it’s unclear whether or not the developers will implement some major changes to fix the visibility issues being faced by players on the map. If they announce something, we’ll be sure to update you.

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Image Credit: Activision / Sledgehammmer Games

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