Vanguard players beg devs to bring back classic Call of Duty attachment

Hamza Khalid
Vanguard players battling

Vanguard players are frustrated with the visibility issues caused by smoke in the Call of Duty title and are asking the devs to bring back the thermal scope attachment to counter this problem.

Call of Duty: Vanguard features plenty of fun content for players to explore. However, the game has received criticism for its visibility issues which are made more apparent with the abundance of fire.

These can ruin the experience of the game. While the developers have promised a fix for the overpowered fire, some fans are suggesting other solutions, including the addition of thermal scopes.

Thermal scope in Modern Warfare

Reddit user SubZeroZeusYT talked about the game’s visibility issues in the CoD: Vanguard subreddit. They brought up how players throwing incendiaries make it difficult to see the map because of the smoke.

Then suggested adding thermal scopes to see through smoke. “I already know night vision scopes exist, but they’re practically useless because it just makes the screen white and even harder to see anyone when there’s smoke in front,” wrote the user.

The reason that CoD: Vanguard doesn’t feature thermal scopes is that the game is set during World War 2. However, the Redditor pointed out that they “don’t care about realism at this point.”

Some players pointed out that the night vision scope lets you see through regular smoke but doesn’t work with Incendiary Grenade smoke. “It behaves like a thermal scope in Warzone but not in Vanguard multiplayer,” wrote one user.

Many of the commenters agreed that the game’s visibility issues are distracting. “I use the night vision in HC to get long shots but it barely makes a difference,” one player explained. “I see a silhouette of the player and the rest is guessing game”

SubZeroZeusYT stated that if the developers aren’t planning to add thermal scopes to the game at any point, then they should “just get rid of incendiaries.” This would make it much easier to see the map.

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Image Credit: Sledgehammer Games / Infinity Ward

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