Vanguard players beg devs to add classic CoD game modes

Vanguard game modes gun game

As frustration with Vanguard’s current Multiplayer experience continues to grow, players are calling for the inclusion of classic Call of Duty game modes to make a triumphant return.

It seems each new day brings about a new issue that Vanguard players are left to deal with. Overpowered shotguns, broken map rotation, and texture glitches have impacted players’ ability to enjoy the game as intended.

Vanguard players have been patient thus far and the recent community update from the devs stating they are committed to improving performance is a step in the right direction. In addition to performance improvements, Vanguard players are calling for the return of classic CoD game modes.

Gun Game mode in CoD WWII

Vanguard’s core game modes at launch had players feeling shortchanged with several popular game modes omitted. Past titles including Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War had certain game modes that accompanied the core options such as Gun Game, Infected, and Prop Hunt.

Some of these game modes were added to CoD games post-launch which has led to players hoping that the same could be said for Vanguard with Gun Game at the top of the list of highly-requested modes. MetalingusMike’s post on the Vanguard subreddit calls for Gun Game to return with the upcoming Season 2 update.

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With the current map rotation issues, it’s no wonder players feel the game is getting stale quickly. Playing the same four to five maps on repeat would turn most players toward feelings of resentment.

Adding new game modes post-launch would be a great way to keep Vanguard feeling fresh and community members seem to agree in the comments of the post “Gun game, infected, prop hunt… even sticks and stones. These modes are the most fun! Funniest, most memorable times.”

Very few details concerning Vanguard Season 2 are currently available but fans will be hoping to see some of these nostalgic game modes return to Call of Duty.

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Image Credits: Activision / Sledgehammer Games