Vanguard players baffled as free CoD Points appear in their accounts

Vanguard CoD Points free

A strange glitch is gifting Vanguard players up to 5000 free CoD Points following the major Season 3 update.

It seems Christmas has come early for several Vanguard players as claims of free CoD Points appearing in accounts continue to surface. CoD Points are the in-game currency used to purchase bundles and skins in the Vanguard or Warzone Store.

What’s more, players are reporting the exact same amount of CoD Points appearing in their accounts for free — 5000. 5000 CoD points are worth roughly $39.99 / £34.99, which makes it a pretty significant error as players continue to wonder what is causing the glitch to happen.

Godzilla and Kong Operator bundles Warzone Vanguard

Given the current hype and positive reception of the soon-to-be-released Godzilla and King Kong Operator skins, Vanguard players may be looking to purchase CoD Points sometime soon. However, it seems a strange glitch is causing players to receive 5000 CoD Points for free.

A Reddit user shared his experience with the Vanguard subreddit where they explain that after completing all of the Season 3 Zombies challenges, they received 5000 CoD Points in their account.

The player confirms that they did not buy them, nor was there any corresponding charge in their bank account. It didn’t take long for users to suggest that the account might be hacked. “I’d be more concerned that someone may be using my account. You may want to look into that,” suggested one user.

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However, the lack of a bank account charge and the fact that the player has two-factor authentication enabled makes this scenario unlikely.

Furthermore, other players in the comments claimed that they experienced the exact same situation, “I also received 5k cod points last night. I had just completed the Dark Aether grind and when I got back to the main menu I had 6,600 cod points. I only had 1,600 before I started my final gun.” It seems the glitch is associated with Vanguard’s Zombies challenges.

While players are excited to see the free CoD Points in their accounts, others suggested that spending them could lead to consequences, “i think this happened back on mw2019 or CW but some people were getting cod points out of nowhere and were getting charged after they used it, or their accounts got banned if no payment info was attached to them.”

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Image Credit: Activision