Lack of classic CoD feature has Vanguard players questioning odd decision

Luca Di Marzo
Vanguard missing leaderboard

Some Vanguard players are questioning the omission of a fan-favorite Call of Duty feature.

The majority of Vanguard players have voiced their opinion on how rushed and unfinished this iteration of Call of Duty feels. We’ve experienced a ton of bugs and glitches so far. To make matters worse, players can’t seem to find an iconic Call of Duty feature.

The Call of Duty community is all about showmanship. Comparing your kill/death ratio or your days played to your friends has been the foundation of a braggadocios multiplayer experience. Bragging rights have been eliminated altogether thanks to the absence of a leaderboard.

Missing Vanguard leaderboards

Vanguard Combat Record

Without the leaderboard feature, it is impossible to compare your gameplay to others. A leaderboard system is a staple of most modern multiplayer games. The whole idea of developing a lively multiplayer community goes hand in hand with allowing players to check their standing amongst a sea of players.

The lack of this vital feature further cements Vanguard as a barebones title. This is just one strange decision added to the many made by Sledgehammer prior to release. Although, it’s never too late to add this feature.

A vocal group of players are demanding the inclusion of the leaderboard feature. The developers may decide that it is a necessary inclusion. A leaderboard showcases a variety of valuable statistics. This allows you to compare your gameplay to your friends and the top players around the world.

At the moment, players can take comfort in the fact that they can view their personal Vanguard statistics such as kill/death ratio, kills per weapon, and match victories.

To check current leaderboards, players must use a tracker app. In other words, the ideal outcome would result in being able to see where you rank amongst Vanguard players in-game.

These voiced concerns will likely continue to grow, especially considering that we are about two weeks away from the release of Warzone Pacific: Caldera.

Warzone players take their in-game ranking very seriously. Therefore, a leaderboard feature is imperative at launch.

Image Credits: Activision / Sledgehammer Games

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