Vanguard devs respond to Ranked Play’s Dev Error 6144: How to fix

Liam Mackay
Vanguard Ranked Play Dev Error 6144

Vanguard’s Ranked Play is finally here, but the Dev Error 6144 has been kicking players out of matchmaking and stopping them from creating loadouts. The dev team responded to the issue and gave a temporary fix.

Vanguard players were desperate for the Ranked Mode to arrive, and it finally did only a few days after the Season 2 update. Vanguard’s Ranked builds on Cold War’s League Play including Skill Divisions and Ladders, but allows players to progress through a working ELO system.

Although having a positive reception, some players are suffering from the Dev Error 6144 that cancels matchmaking and prevents them from customizing loadouts. Luckily, the devs are aware and have given players a temporary fix.

Treyarch respond to Vanguard Ranked Play Dev Error 6144

Vanguard players shooting at each other

Ranked Play devs Treyarch said they were “working on a fix” for Dev Error 6144 on February 18, but gave another update on February 19. They said: “We’re continuing to investigate match stability, and cancellations in Vanguard Ranked Play relating to Dev Error 6144.”

They haven’t given a timeline for when players can expect the Dev Error 6144 to be fixed, but assured players that they’ll “keep you posted.”

How to fix Vanguard Ranked Play Dev Error 6144

Luckily, fixing Vanguard Ranked Play’s Dev Error 6144 is simple, you just need to “avoid editing classes while searching or in matchmade lobbies.”

This means you shouldn’t touch the Create a Class menu while searching or waiting for a match to begin, as this increases the likelihood of Dev Error 6144 canceling the matchmaking.

Make sure to build all of your classes with the best weapons and loadouts, and then search for a match afterward.

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Image Credit: Activision

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