Vanguard players furious over insanely difficult Combat Shield camo challenges

Zackerie Fairfax
cod vanguard combat shield

Camo grinders aren’t happy about Vanguard’s Combat Shield challenges due to how incredibly difficult they are.

Fans of the Riot Shield are not happy with Call of Duty: Vanguard’s Combat Shield. In fact, some players are calling it CoD’s “worst iteration” of the Riot Shield.

The hate for the Vanguard Combat Shield comes from its size. The top of the shield leaves players’ heads exposed, whereas previous Riot Shields would completely cover the player.

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Other players are happy with the Combat Shield as players can’t hide behind them forever. Despite being a divisive weapon, the majority of players agree on one thing: the Combat Shield camo challenges are ridiculous.


Combat Shield Camo Challenges are ridiculous

If you are wanting to grind to get the coveted Atomic Camos, the Combat Shield might be the biggest hurdle to overcome. In fact, getting all three camos for the Vanguard Combat Shield might be the hardest challenge in CoD history.

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But don’t just take my word for it. Instead, listen to the lament of someone who has actually managed to get the Combat Shield’s Gold and Diamond camos.

Just five days after launch, Reddit user Kuyun was able to get the Diamond camo for the Combat shield. They also had a lot to say about why they “can’t recommend” anyone else complete these challenges.

In a comment, OP begins by saying that neither Hardcore nor Core modes make the challenges any easier. You will have to stun yourself in order to complete the Deadeye challenge, and double kills for the Reptilian challenge are near impossible to secure.

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Not to mention the Combat Shield’s reduced size and attack speed leaves players exposed. And with Vanguard’s fast TTK, it doesn’t take much for Combat Shield users to die.

Kuyun’s post was flooded with comments from other camo grinders who shared their sentiment. And some players are reporting that their shield challenges aren’t even tracking.

CoD Vanguard Combat Shield Challenges

Seeing all of this complaining, you’re probably wondering what the camo challenges are. Below is a list that outlines all of the challenges players must complete in order to unlock the Combat Shield Mastery Camos.

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  • Pack Tacics
    • Get 50 Eliminations
  • Surgical
    • Get 50 Backstabber kills
  • Predatory Ambition
    • Get 30 slide kills
  • Reptilian
    • Get 30 double kills
  • Deadeye
    • Get 30 kills while enemy is stunned or flashed

At first glance, these challenges don’t seem all that difficult. However, you should probably jump into Vanguard’s Multiplayer and try to complete them. You, like many of the commenters on Kuyun’s post, will likely find yourself wanting to pull your hair out.

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Image Credit: Activision/ Sledgehammer Games