NICKMERCS explains why he’s concerned about Call of Duty’s 2021 game

cod warzone nickmercs

Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff has discussed the upcoming Call of Duty 2021 rumors, complementing the game’s engine, and why he’s not a fan of the rumored theme for the game.

There are many rumors circulating about the latest iteration of the long-running Call of Duty franchise concerning its Warzone integration, its purported game engine, and even who’s developing it.

Naturally, every man and his dog is discussing these rumors and posturing about what they think the game could be like. NICKMERCS has chimed into the conversation offering his thoughts on some of the key debates concerning Call of Duty 2021.

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Firstly, he’s made it clear that he’s wholeheartedly in favor of the game potentially using the Modern Warfare game engine: “This is huge for Warzone because as you can tell from the Cold War guns and that integration, switching engines from game-to-game and putting it all in the same BR (battle royale) can leave it in kind of a mess.

So that’s big news, and moving on in the right direction on that end.”

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Reception for the Modern Warfare engine has largely been popular since the game’s release in 2019. Having Warzone and CoD 2021 running on the same engine will allow for an easier transition of guns and other content.

However, Nick is scared of “the game going back in time.” The rumored project name for Activision’s latest Call of Duty game is “Vanguard”, traditionally an old military term. And the belief is that we are about to go back to the World War 2 era with the latest shooter.

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Nick says, “In the history of Call of Duty, every time they go back in time I’m just not a big fan. It’s just the energy, the vibe, always like some war we’re in like World War 2, and it’s just sad times man, it’s a weird look, and I don’t really like it.”

He also jokingly asks how he’s “going to bring a Kilo (141) from 2020, back to the 40s.”

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Despite Call of Duty’s early beginning with World War games, the franchise really found its footing with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The World Wars have been explored by so many different games that you do wonder how much new ground there is to tread.

A reveal should hopefully be on the way in the near future, and we’ll be able to get even more opinions from NICKMERCS and other leading CoD players on the next game.

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Image credits: Activision / NICKMERCS